“In a world of Science and Technology, it is education that determines the level of prosperity, welfare and security of the people. On the quality and number of persons coming out of our Schools and Colleges will depend our success in the great enterprise of National Reconstruction.”(Education Commission: 1964 – 66)

With the continuous change in the lifestyle of the newer generations, there is a dire necessity of enhancement in the educational sector with special emphasis on the rural side of the country. The nation is proud to have the largest ratio of the under thirties in the world, but to make that large group of the society useful for the country’s growth and development, we have to strive for their training and educating them in such a way that they can make their active contribution towards the development.

Thus with the same motives, we formed the trust and started a Pre-University College, which I feel, “the first step towards a promising career……”. To compete in the today’s job market one has to have special skills apart from the regular academics, hence we are striving to get those skills in the students at their easiest approach.

The trust is also working for those sections of the society who are very much deprived of education, lack basic requirements, etc. especially in Muslim minorities, the literacy rate is very low. Special programs are being run by the trust for the sake of such people. They can continue their study up to graduation level from various universities offering distance education.

Much work has been done and a lot more to be done in these sectors. This is a collective responsibility of all the citizens who are well settled to uplift those who are still deprived of the very basic things including education. Hence, I appeal all the likeminded persons to come forward and help us in reaching those untouched jewels of India who are residing in the interiors with lots of hope and ambition.