Fatima Educational & Charitable Trust is a registered trust (registered on 13.03.2009 with reg. No. Book IV.) which is working for the upliftment of the educational status in the society, with a special focus on the rural areas of the country. The Trust is totally committed for accomplishing its mission elevating the standard of the education and narrowing the gap between the rural and the urban areas.

Fatima Educational & Charitable Trust is family trust formed under the Presidentship of Janab Gulam Yezdani Sahab. With its mentors as Alhaj Gulam Samdani Sahab and Dr. Mohammad Abdul Haque, the trust has reached even the most untouched parts around Gurmitkal in Yadgir district of Karnataka.

There were lot of charities, scholarships for the meritorious students, distribution of books among the school students, widow support pension and other social works from this family right from time immemorial, but the spectrum of work was limited and it was fulfilling the exact requirement of the society as the students who were studying were unable to continue their higher education because of their compromised education at the basic level, so we thought of carrying these activities in a well-organized manner.

Thus, the trust came into existence. Fatima name was chosen as it is the name of the beloved daughter of the prophet (PBUH), who is a symbol of simplicity and commitment and also the President’s mother’s name was Fatima Bi (who is now resting in her heavenly abode in the Jannat-ul-Baqi). Now with a registered trust we can reach even the persons which were untouched till now.

The rate of discontinuing studies after class 10 was quite high over here and among girl students it was substantially high. Hence, to promote higher education and quality based education, the trust decided to open a Pre University College which came into existence as Imperial Pre University College.

Board of Trustees

SL.NO Name Designation
1 Mr. Gulam Yezdani  Retd. Sr. Asst. GESCOM President
2 Mr. Gulam Subhani Awais  M.Sc.(N), PGDHHM, PGDMLS Secretary
3 Mr. Gulam Jeelani  B’Pharma Trustee
4 Mrs. Noorunnisa  MA (Urdu) Trustee
5 Mrs. Shigufta Jabeen  B.Sc. Trustee
Education is the only weapon to meet the present day world, foster the future and get prepared for the upcoming challenges.
• To narrow the gap between the rural and the urban communities.
• To provide the standards so as to meet the day-to-day globalizing world.
• To help those sharp minds, who are economically compromised in fulfilling their dreams of getting success with      the help of education.